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Midian’s Cleaning – is the most trusted and top-rated house cleaning company in Renton, WA. We use practical approaches and methods to tackle local issues like mold in bathrooms and pet hair in living spaces.

Our goal is to make your house or business a cleaner and healthier place. Our high-quality cleaning services also extend to managing tough, hard water stains and clearing seasonal messes, keeping every area of your space up to your cleanliness standards.

Beyond our primary services, we offer thorough furniture, janitorial, Airbnb cleaning, and much more to help make your life easier and more enjoyable the way you always wanted. Turn to us for steady and comprehensive cleaning solutions, and enjoy a cleaner, more comfortable home and office every day.


Our Mission

To deliver professional house cleaning services in Renton WA, ensuring every home and office within the community shines clean and hygienic to upgrade the local living standards.


Our Vision

Is transforming workplaces into clean and welcoming environments, fostering productivity and satisfaction among local businesses.

Keeping Your Space Sparkling with Innovative Cleaning Practices

Our Renton, WA, house cleaning company has the best cleaners which used advanced techniques and methods to address common cleaning challenges.

Our cleaning services are safe enough to uphold a healthy environment for you.

Streamlined Steps for Effective Cleaning

Our cleaning service process is straightforward and practical:

Initial Discussion

We begin by understanding your cleaning needs and preferences.

Setting Appointments

Make sure your day-to-day activities aren't interrupted by choosing a time that suits you best.

Pre-Cleaning Review

Our crew arrives to evaluate the space and plan the cleaning approach.

Actual Cleaning

Our house cleaning company use environmentally friendly products and state-of-the-art equipment such as HEPA vacuums and microfiber cloths to clean deeply and efficiently.

Quality Check

After cleaning, walk through the area with you to ensure everything is immaculate.

This approach ensures our clients enjoy a consistently fresh and inviting space.

Our Services

Our Home Cleaning Company Offers

Home Cleaning

Struggle with lingering cooking odors or kitchen grease? Our efficient home cleaning in Renton WA, tackle these nuisances, ensuring your kitchen smells fresh and looks tidy.

Furniture Cleaning

Combat the wear and tear from daily use with our furniture cleaning. We focus on removing stains and restoring the comfort and appearance of your valuable items.

Janitorial Cleaning

Frequent foot traffic can leave floors and lobbies looking dull. Our janitorial cleaning revitalizes these high-use areas, maintaining your business's professional and welcoming appearance.

Vacation Houses Cleaning

Returning from a relaxing vacation to a messy home can ruin the post-trip bliss. We ensure your vacation house is clean so you can enjoy every moment without worrying about the aftermath of the cleanup.
Property Cleaning
Seasonal allergens can infiltrate your property, causing discomfort. Our property cleaning service eliminates allergens from your indoor environment, promoting a healthier living space.
Office Cleaning
Coffee spills and cluttered desks can impact productivity and disturb your work. Our office cleaning in WA, tidy up and organize your space to enhance focus and efficiency.
Air BnB Cleaning
First impressions are crucial in the BnB industry. Our BnB cleaning ensures every guest is greeted by a spotless environment, enhancing guest satisfaction and boosting your reviews.
Deep Cleaning
Neglected corners and hard-to-reach spots can accumulate grime over time. Our home Renton deep cleaning services in tackle these areas, ensuring a thorough cleaning that regular cleaning might miss.
Move In/Move Out Cleaning
Moving can reveal hidden dirt and grime, potentially complicating property transactions. Our move-in/move-out cleaning ensures both properties are pristine for incoming or outgoing occupants.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Bathroom odors often stem from hidden grime and bacteria. We can reach these hidden spots using specialized products that clean and neutralize odors for a fresher bathroom environment.

Hard water minerals often cause water spots. We use specific products designed to dissolve minerals and buff the glass to a streak-free shine, ensuring clear and spotless surfaces.

Staying on top of small daily tasks can significantly help. Wiping down surfaces, managing dishes, and handling laundry can prevent dirt buildup, making your professional cleaning sessions more effective.

We recommend removing any clutter that might hinder efficient cleaning to make the most of a cleaning service. This lets cleaners focus on deeper cleaning tasks rather than organizing your space.

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Professional and Stress-Free Cleaning

Let our residential cleaning services in Renton WA, take the cleaning worries off your mind. We work diligently so you relax, knowing that we expertly handle every cleanliness aspect of your home.

why choose us
Trustworthy and Respectful

We understand your concerns about strangers entering your space. We thoroughly vet and train our professionals, ensuring anyone coming to clean your home or office is trustworthy and respectful.

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